Recipe of the Day

How to make an Italian in London happy.

Ingredients: sunshine, park/garden/backyard, an Italian (possibly depressed by the London weather), a bit of warmth

Time for preparation: half an hour to an hour.

Check the weather forecast for the next weekend and make sure the sun will shine for some time. Take an Italian (boy or girl – it doesn’t matter). Tell the Italian to get ready. Take him/her to a park/garden/backyard – somewhere with a bit of green grass. If there are some flowers even better. Tell him/her to take a seat with his/her face to the sun. Get him/her to close his/her eyes and breathe slowly.

The warmth of the sun will slowly start to penetrate his/her skin. The sunlight will slowly start to make them feel good.  You’ll suddenly see a shy smile appearing on their face. That smile will soon become wider, as the sun in their skin, happiness will pervade their spirit.

Your plate is served! That state of happiness will probably last for few hours… (But make sure to take the Italian home before it starts getting cold/cloudy/rainy – otherwise you’ll get him/her even more depressed).

Enjoy your meal!


P.S.: Hope this recipe made you smile. 🙂 I guess you can replace ‘the Italian’ with any other sun-loving person, and London with any other rainy place in the world.


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