Messing around

You might have noticed a change of username and domain. Yes, I confess. I’ve been messing around with my blog for a while now. I wasn’t happy with the domain ‘autumninbruges’, it didn’t represent me anymore. I have been in Belgium in 2008/09, I’ve been changing many locations since then so that name was no longer appropriate. I created a new blog but as you know building a new readership from scratch is all but easy and then I didn’t want to throw away a couple of years of ‘work’ so, today, after looking at the help section of WordPress, thinking, messing around, I finally came out with the solution: a new blog name Eat Travel ‘n’ Photograph & a new address eattravelnphotograph. Now that I am happy with my blog name I can actually start writing again. Hope inspiration will come to me after fixing everything else!

Stay tuned!


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