Pymmes Park

The weather has been awesome this weekend. Hot and sunny. I had to take advantage of it so went to discover a new park in my neighbourhood. London is full of these little gems, parks that only locals know. Well, am trying to discover them, one after the other.

Pymmes Park is a great park to hang around. There are football fields,  tennis courts and some open-air machines for those who love sports. But there is also a playground for families and there are benches, ducks and a lake, for those like me who just like to chill out and take pictures of their surroundings. And I did take quite a lot of pictures, here’s a selection of them:

I loved the calmness of the lake and the fact that not many people were around. I guess that’s why I prefer small, local parks, to crowded, central parks. You can actually enjoy the atmosphere, the wildlife, the surroundings without fighting with the crowd for a bench or to see swans and ducks in their natural habitat. Am glad to see that local parks are preserved and well taken care of in a metropolis like London, it makes me feel like we still value the right things..

Do you know any other ‘hidden’ park in London worth a visit? Wherever in the world you are, do you have a local park you go to? What makes it special? I’d love to hear from you.



6 responses to “Pymmes Park

  1. We have a park not unlike this up here in Hartlepool. Always a good space for an amble round. 🙂
    Have you moved blogs, or is this your most recent post?

    • I haven’t been writing lately… no inspiration. Haven’t been travelling lately and don’t really know what to write about and don’t want to be boring 🙂 How’s everything with you?

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