Travel Theme – Cities

The cities I love the most, for one reason or the other, have all one element in common: water, be it sea or rivers.

Istanbul, the bridge between Europe and Asia, between West and East, between tradition and modernity, the city with hundred and more facets to explore and discover. The city of kind people and wonderful sunsets. The city that brings nostalgia in my heart every single time I hear its name or see a picture of it.

London is one of those cities that inspire love/hate at the same time. I love its parks, its multiethnic nature, its free museums and the endless possibilities. I hate the Tube, deeply & the cost of living from transports to the cinema, they’re awful.

Nice has conquered my heart with its colors. The blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the white-ish of the pebble beach and the colors of the houses in the old part of town. Such a beauty, one of those places you would never leave…

Torino is my favourite Italian city, full of culture and history and so often underestimated by many tourists, both foreign and Italian. They describe it as an industrial – grey – city and it might have been so 50 years ago, it’s nothing like that today. Today is just as vibrant as Rome and Milan can be, with its aperitifs and nights out, with its museums and cultural events, with its shopping streets and natural resources. It’s a must see for anyone considering a trip to Italy.

And last but not least, Budapest. Budapest has always been in my bucket list because of the Danube, a river that crosses 8 countries must be something worth seeing. But there’s much more than the Danube to see in Budapest. I have spent there just 2 days, just enough to scratch the surface, and I fell in love. The Buda Castle is wonderful, it makes you feel like you jumped in a fairytale.

*This post was written in response to Ailsa’s travel theme – Cities. If you want to join have a look at her blog for the rules. Happy blogging everyone and hopefully I’m back! 🙂


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