Postcards from… Mons

Every two weeks I will post 7 shots from a city I travelled to or lived in. It might be a city I already told you about or a place I never talked about. I chose to post only 7 pictures because 7 is my favourite number and the pictures will try to give you an idea about the character of a place or the impression I had of it.

The city shown below is Mons, Belgium. I lived there for 9 months between 2008/2009 thanks to the Erasmus Exchange which allowed me to attend there my 3rd year of university.

Grand Place is the meeting point for everyone in town, buzzling with little cafés and restaurants.

Rue des Magasins, the shopping street.

This little fellow is supposed to bring good luck to whoever touches its head. Try, it might work.

Kriek (cherry beer) and beer. Two symbols of Belgium and core elements of Belgian life.

Le Beffroi. Symbol of the town and visible from (almost) every corner.

Le Car d’Or. Every year, in June, the town celebrates the DouDou, which is a commemoration of the combat between Saint George and the Dragon.

Le Parc du Vaux-Hall. Wonderful park during the day, hosting crazy student parties at night.

Have you ever been to Mons? Did you like your stay?


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